Vernon Nolan

Farmer, Entrepreneur, Business Man

Tidy Hook Inventor

When Vernon was farming he worked out of his truck using it as a portable office evening falling asleep a few times checking he farms pivots late at night, you might say he lived out of it. Vernon was in his vehicle 3-4 hours a day and like many people there always seemed to be more “stuff” and “clutter” in it. Things like coffee cups, soda cans, burger wrappers, chicken boxes, and other normal clutter and trash that accumulated over time with nowhere to put it. Before he invented the Tidy Hook Auto, out of habit Vernon just threw things on the floorboard, on the seat and occasionally out the window if it was messy food or liquid.

As you would expect he got tired of having to clean his truck every few days to a point where he felt embarrassed when someone would open his truck door and rubbish on his floor would fall out of the vehicle. He really felt guilty when his employees got into his truck with the inside being so messy that had to move the lingering trash around just so they could sit in it. 

He tried the door compartment slots and putting cups in the cup holders, which were too small. He had an older truck that had a heater and an air conditioner in it with handles or levers that he used to hang the plastic bag on, until vehicles went to digital controls. He tried wrapping the bag handles around the cigarette lighter plug but the weight warped the plug. He had a center console vehicle car and hung a bag over the gear shift, but it was in the way, hitting and annoying the left leg of the passenger. He purchased a couple of pop-up car trash cans but they turned over and spilled the trash all over the vehicle. He purchased several litter cans with grips on the bottom, however, their capacity was too small and annoyed the rear passengers.

One day driving down the highway to check a pivot at another location he reached back to put a two-liter bottle in the trash bag behind the seat. He was briefly distracted because he couldn’t find the opening to the trash bag. It took longer than he thought to dispose of the bottle, when he looked back, he found himself off the highway headed straight into a road sign at 50 MPH. That was the day Vernon said there’s got to be a better way, the day the Tidy Hook was born.

Later in the evening Vernon and his son were at the farm shop talking and brainstorming. The answer came in the form of a vision! That day the idea of the Tidy Hook Auto took shape and unfolded to a one of a kind design with a living hinge that would conform to most Auto seats.. The idea was very simple and it was a common sense solution to the basic problem of clutter in vehicles. He wanted to build a totally new designed vehicle litter bag that could clip easily to both the headrest posts on the front passenger seat, then make it hang off the left side of that seat in a symmetrical shape to use on either the passenger side or the driver side. Vernon wanted to make it with 100% recycled material to help the environment.

As he thought more abut the design he wanted to provide a large thick litter bag so that the big items could be stored and make it fit in a way that’s convenient for the driver first, the passenger second, and locate it in the center of a vehicle for safety. He wanted to make it reasonably priced so everyone could afford it and make it work successfully so adults could set an example for their children by using it to teach responsibility. The idea was simple, but the final design took three and a half years of testing, 76 various prototypes, 16-18 different materials, and lots of patience, devotion and perseverance.

Not long after building the Tidy Hook Auto he decided decided to build another Tidy Hook for the home and kitchen that was very adaptable and worked other locations. In addition, he decided to offer the Tidy Hook Bag, a reusable trash bag over 4 times thicker than a standard grocery bag, water resistant, 5 gallon capacity trash bag made with 100% recycled material.

As Vernon pursued producing this product in the USA, he met Christopher Guerrera a Master Lean 6 Sigma USA manufacturing expert who shared the same vision. Vernon and Christopher are now partners bringing you the one of a kind Tidy Hook Auto and Tidy Hook Home products, as you would have it, ALL Made in the USA with Heavy Duty Bags allowing you to “Tidy Up Your Life”.