Judy Blair

Paralegal, Entreprenuer, and Proud Mother

Judy revolutionized the Potty-Training world when she invented the Super Potty Trainer for her daughter Hayat, who was getting constipated while getting potty trained. Judy’s daughter was terrified of sitting on the toilet and refused to use ANY and ALL the traditional potty-training products, making it almost impossible to potty train her.  Judy’s daughter challenged Judy to sit with her on the toilet, and when Judy sat on the toilet, her daughter felt “comfortable” and “secured” having her mother serving as her “back support” (and she was finally able to do “#2”).  Because Judy couldn’t be sitting on the toilet with her daughter many other times that day, Judy went to her garage and mounted a cardboard box on the toilet, secured it tight to the toilet tank, and created a firmed back support for the toilet that covered half of the toilet seat opening. Her daughter loved “that”, and Judy realized that she had an invention!!

Judy’s simple device dramatically shortens a traditional process and simplified it in one step, eliminating the use of any other potty-training devices, avoid real messes and tears of frustration from both the child and the caregiver. Judy’s invention is the only potty-training product  able to “adjust” the size of the toilet seat, and is also the only product in the market for during and “after” potty training!  Judy holds two (2) Utility patents on her invention and has one (1) Patent pending…and can’t stop inventing more things!

Born and raised in the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providence & St. Catalina, Colombia. Proud daughter of George Abrahams Staalman and Carmen Reyes Oviedo (her true heroes!); has 3 sisters (Beatriz, Gretta and Issis) and 1 brother (Erick);  two children (Sean and Hayat);  4 nephews (Juan Pablo, Nicolás, Mathew, and Nathan) and 5 nieces (Nicole, María José, Sarah, Chantal and Hanniah). Love her friends (both in Colombia and in the USA). Has resided in Tucson, Arizona since 2000. Travels to her islands in Colombia and other countries whenever possible.  Speaks her native Creole, Spanish and English.

Judy holds a B.S. in Economics and an Advanced Post-Degree Certificate as a Paralegal, and has a strong background on both fields. She loves the business world, but also loves being a bilingual Criminal Paralegal and a Court Interpreter.  Judy loves spending time with her children, making them laugh and cooking their favorite foods; she loves dancing, swimming, stand-up comedy, and inventing crazy things.