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Joe is a young entrepreneur and the inventor of smartwatch screen-rotation, and other related technologies.  His company Vivolearn where Christopher Guerrera is a member of the Advisory Board, personalizing the education system with interactive, hands-on learning applications, This August they’re running a Kickstarter campaign to launch Wristruments, the world’s first smartwatch app for guitar and other instruments.  You can learn more about Wristruments and support their campaign here;
Joe grew up in Londonderry, New Hampshire.  He was diagnosed with ADHD at an early age, which led to an untraditional education experience for him.  After graduating from high school in 2010, Joe attended 3 different universities in New Hampshire.  He failed out a few credits short of his Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience degree.  Joe never had the grades to get into business school, so went to school for psychology, but was always more interested in Entrepreneurship.  
Shortly after starting college, he discovered free online classes after taking a Technology Entrepreneurship course offered by Stanford.  In this course, he worked on an e-learning start-up called SkillOut with team members around the world.  He found this type of involved learning to be more beneficial than the psychology courses he was taking in school.  
“I was getting real experience from universities with better names, working with driven students on problems I wanted to solve, and it was all free.”
Joe began taking more courses online from Stanford, MIT, Khan Academy, Udemy, and others.  While attending college, he worked various part-time jobs such as a merchandiser, car salesman, bartender, and barista to name a few. 
In 2015, Joe was kicked out of the University of New Hampshire for missing a final exam that was scheduled on the same day as the school’s Business to Market competition.  Joe’s team Chatter (a geo-location based social messaging app) won first place in the high-tech track, and second overall.  This technicality seemed to be a recurring theme in Joe’s education experience, and it was at this moment he realized something really needed to change in higher education.
Within 4 years of failing out of UNH, he was one of 3 students invited back for their “Young Professionals Alumni” panel.
After leaving school for good Joe began using skills developed through his own start-ups to consult other businesses.  He worked with a variety of clients ranging from mom-and-pop shops to publicly traded companies.  Joe Founded Vivolearn in 2018 after inventing the technology behind it while playing guitar.  He has been working full-time on this company since.
Aside from education and technology, Joe is passionate about theoretical physics, art, and design.
You can learn more about Joe here:
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