Health Candy Nutrition Team

Who Are Super Cookies Made For?

  • The Athlete?No Whey? Yes Way!With full spectrum amino acids from Pea protein, and L-Theanine to relax your muscles, better results in training and recovery are a cookie away.?
  • The Student?Study Break?Our cookies are loaded with all the necessary ingredients boost memory and focus:Lion’s Mane, Ginko Biloba, and tons of Omega 3’s – just to name a few. 
  • Keto Diet No time for breakfast? Tired of mediocre coffee? Our super cookies are low in net carbs, and full of healthy fats that provide you with the energy and focus needed to get through the day – without the crash!?
  • Young and old alike whether it be an early morning delicacy, an afternoon snack, or a night time treat – Anytime of the day is a good time to enjoy some guilt free indulgence.??