Adam Emerich

Research and Development Entrepreneur-HCN President

PACE is excited to announce the partnership with the Health Candy Nutrition team, a unique group dedicated to developing Healthy brain Food to help you thrive throughout the day, check out their website site listed below.

Adam who is an intricate part of the HCN team is an avid guitar player and developer, so when he’s not playing his guitar you can be sure to find him in the the HCN lab developing new Health Candy products soon to be in the market.

Ironically enough Adam first met Robby in an elevator at UT Dallas. Shortly after that chance encounter, just one week after Health Candy Nutrition was officially started, Adam joined Robby and his quest to bring super foods into every household!  You just never know when, where or who your journey will begin with but you always need to be ready, hence the HCN new partnership with the PACE founder & CEO Christopher Guerrera.

As someone who gave no prior thought to the consequences of poor nutrition, Adam’s journey has been incredibly enlightening and fulfilling knowing this journey is something special with meaning.