Chris uses the “player-coach” model most effectively to energize his team. He firmly believes in people, product and process development to help grow the business. My lean journey/experience started with Chris’s guidance and support, and I appreciate the fact that he keeps things simple when he starts building a lean culture. I would definitely recommend Chris to any business that wants to make continuous improvement as one of their core values.

Madhukar Keer, Director of Operations ROPER-Uson

Directly reported to Christopher at Mack Truck

“Chris is a natural born leader and highly skilled manufacturing professional. We worked together on a unique bakery project with a quick turnaround time. Even with this novel product, Chris’s innovative thinking enabled us to maximize output, reign in waste and manufacture the product in a highly efficient manner. Chris thinks deeply, teaches effectively, and creates strong, well rounded teams. Our ability to communicate, even though we came from completely different knowledge bases, and come to a product that matched our specs was truly inspirational and I come back to our time working together whenever I evaluate new partners to work with. Chris has my highest recommendation as he is an invaluable leader and thinker that any company would be honored to have on their team.

Tess Mahoney Recipe Developer, Consultant and Private Chef

Tess partnered with Christopher while working with Mike Bar

“I met Chris in 1998, when I took the position of President of Sommer Allibert, North America. Chris was already the Plant Manager of our activity in Greenville, South Carolina, for BMW. He replaced in this position an individual who failed to manage properly this activity on all counts, deliveries, quality and profitability.

When I arrived Chris had already turned around this plant which was then achieving Customer objectives in terms of Quality and deliveries, but also very profitable. I can really say that he was the “change agent” who brought a completely new Lean manufacturing, QCD Excellence spirit in this company.

Chris is a strong, demanding manager and leader, but fair with the people, combining experience and skills in manufacturing operations, lean manufacturing management and has also a strong business sense.  He is a dynamic individual with good abilities of resistance to pressure, initiatives and decision making.

This activity developed rapidly to reach est. 180 Millions USD, and it became more a business unit than only a plant. Chris managed successfully the growth and related necessary structuring of the organization, while developing further our relationships with Europe, where the new programs were initiated, in our offices in Munich. Chris led, in his management team, a combination of US persons and European expats, and had gained a real international experience.”

Jean Michel Vallin, President, Faurecia China

Christopher reported to Jean Michel at SommerAllibert/BMW

“I worked for Chris as his Plant Quality Manager at Onvio (Salem, Spain, Mexico), from July 2005 through June 2007, for 2 years.  He was my boss, but the relationship was more of a cohort than boss due to his management style.   Chris is dedicated and selfless.  He understands the needs of the customer and of the business and people on the manufacturing floor.  He was at the plant day, night, and weekends (we were very much a start-up to begin with at Onvio/Moveras).  When there was the need, we also worked on the production line to meet the delivery needs of our military and automotive customers.  He is strategic (he works to a plan), and communicates extremely well with the management and plant personnel.  He worked to get us the resources we needed to be effective at our job.  He likes to drive change in all that we do.  He also believes in systems and training. “you must have a proxy.”  I would work with, for, or hire Chris in a minute.  I look forward to working with him in the future.  If the organization is not driven to improve systems, processes, people, products, our support the customer and improve the supplier; if the business is not wanting to grow and prosper, then you may not want to hire Chris.  In other words, I do not think you should have any reservations about hiring Chris.  Chris came into an organization that was in need of direction and guidance.  He was very hands on in his approach to understanding the issues on the manufacturing floor and being part of the team to a plan to improve processes and resolve issues.  He was instrumental in developing and introducing the key indicators for the plant (with boards on the manufacturing floor and office area), implementing not 5S, but 6S – making sure Safety was part of all we do on the floor.  He drove Kaizen events to improve process flow, quality, materials, etc.   He was part of the customer and internal auditing processes.  Chris made sure that myself (plant quality manager) and the plant manager (as well as himself) were driving employee training in safety, auditing, 6S, standard work, problem solving, etc.  Chris was the leader behind the building and layout for an all new Onvio/Moveras manufacturing plant and he spearheaded 2 plant moves within one year which were completed from start to finish within 3 working days.  The Director of Operations for Foster Miller went through our plant after the improvements that Chris drove and asked permission to implement the same ideas and methods throughout their Waltham, Massachusetts facility.   For the past 25 years, I have worked for many managers in small privately held companies to large public international organizations and Chris is one of the top managers period.  He plans, he executes, he builds teams, he tracks progress, he communicates successes and failures (not just failures), he makes decisions…most of all…he does what he says he is going to do.  He is committed, ethical, and I trust him fully.  Because of the above, he is successful and effective.”

Bob Bohl, Vice President of Manufacturing Cooper Industries

Directly reported to Christopher at Onvio

“What a great team you have built, Chris.  So glad I made the visit today. You guys are an inspiration!

PS:  Please keep me informed regarding  any new product expansion ideas!”

Jim Joseph – Dean, Madden School of Business, Le Moyne College

“I was a Quality Director for many New England companies during my career.  I met Chris at Eagle Picher where he supervised and directed the Engineering Department. During my time there, with other managers, we received QS 9000 and ISO 9001.  Chris was very supportive of the Quality initiatives.

From Eagle Picher, both of us were employed with Sommer Allibert where his leadership skills became very apparent.  He was responsible for the transformation and improvement of a company that was not profitable and losing money, to a company that was profitable and world class in a very short time.  He built a strong high performance management team and they were able to organize and execute plans successfully under his guidance and direction. He motivated teams at all levels of abilities and titles as well, and provided social activities which helped enhance worker morale which led to improved productivity. He was very popular with all personnel because team meetings and goals were developed with their input.  The employees shared the same goals and vision. Chris tracked and monitored their progress with the managers monthly. Failure was not a option.

As a Quality Director, I always respected Chris. I knew that some of our goals conflicted at times, but I could also count on him talking with me and discussing our points of view until a reasonable solution could be developed that would suit both of us  He paired Quality Systems with manufacturing concepts such as SMED, Lean manufacturing, 5S, Standardized Work Centers, Kan-Bans and reduced costs through employee inspection at time of manufacture.

Chris is often aware of what has to be changed and improved long before others see it.  He sees the total picture before others see it. He always presents facts and figures which support his vision.

If you do not want change quickly, improvement in your manufacturing facility, improved employee morale, and more profits, then you do not want Chris as your partner.”

Sheila Grossi, Quality Director at Delta Rubber Molding

Worked directly with Christopher at Eagle Picher Automotive, Sommer Allibert/BMW & Celus


I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate being part of the Oneida Team.

What a difference I see, especially in the last year. The additional resources with the separation of customer service, that allows the sales team to focus on selling.  The additional engineering resources…not just the quick turn around on the designs but the speed at which we get answers on products and the new product development work. I am so excited about the new Smart HV with the stand for the air lock and the new Cobra with the Vortex.  I used to dread taking a floor sanding call because we didn’t have the right hoses, the adaptors or even the right product mix/ knowledge. That product line is really taking off!

The other changes, like the way we have presented ourselves at the show with product demos, the pursuit of a more cohesive distribution model, the development and constant improvement in the Oneida team,  that coupled with the changes to the website, marketing  and the products; make it easier for our customers to buy from us and for us to sell the product.  All of this is setting us up for a great finish to 2014 and a huge 2015 and I am grateful to be a part of it. I will do everything I can to help the team achieve the goals.

On a personal note, you have really made a difference for me, especially with everything my family is going through over the last few months. Thank you!”

 Lisa Barone, Sales Manager, Oneida Air Systems Inc.

Lisa reported directly to Christopher Guerrera at Oneida Air Systems Inc.

“Chris is a take charge individual and he is one of the best manufacturing managers that I have ever worked with my career.

His extended background in six-sigma and lean techniques were instrumental in successfully implementing several programs in both Onvio and Moveras manufacturing operations, improving product throughput, leading to material and labor savings.

He is a very personable individual with a high standard of professionalism who is easy to work with and responds well to the demands of today’s business environment. Chris consistently delivered high quality work products, met or exceeded deadlines, and assisted his employees and co-workers at every opportunity. He is the type of leader that any company would be proud of having on their team.” September 23, 2011

 Cristina Jelev, Finance Manager, Onvio Servo

Worked indirectly for Christopher at Onvio Precision Gearboxes/Moveras Transmissions

“Chris is the consumate professional who has in-depth knowledge of world class manufacturing and more importantly know how to implement and sustain it. He has natural leadership skills that enable him to be a demanding manager and at the same time build solid relationships with employees at every level. I have found the opportunity to work with Chris priceless and will always value the relationship we have built working together. Chris gets my highest recommendation and it is a great opportunity to work with and learn from him.” April 4, 2007

 Richard Roth, Director of Transmission Operations, Henley Transmission Services

Worked directly with Christopher at Moveras

“Chris was my boss at Eagle Picher Rubber Molding from January 1995 till July, 1996 and then hired me in at Sommer Allibert in August, 1996 till I left in January 1999.

I’ve seen Chris prove himself a leader as the engineering manager at the Eagle Picher Rubber Molding. He continued to meet the challenges of a plant manager at an aggressive international company, Sommer Allibert. He was at the forefront of building relationships internally and with our customer to provide results that met and exceeded the demands of BMW. He was also great at team building which wasn’t always the easiest of tasks being that he was working in an area not known for automotive culture. Also, Sommer Allibert was not a German company so we had to prove ourselves as a viable supplier on a daily basis. During my time at Sommer Allibert, I was able to see firsthand as Chris implemented some of the more desired Japanese manufacturing methods which helped improve our process flow and quality. This in turn is one of the reasons why BMW received the JD Powers award for best in class quality.”

Dan Belleville, Application Engineer

Directly reported to Christopher at Eagle Picher Automotive