Independent Partners

Career Achievements

2010-2011-Implemented World Class Live Broadcast Drive shaft Manufacturing line, reducing inventory by $100K/month

2009-2010-Secured New Retail Transmission Business accounts for AutoZone, Advanced Autoparts, NAPA, LKQ, AAMCO and Transtar Industries.

2008-Start up new state of the art Automotive Re-manufactured Transmission Cellular Production line.

2006-Launched new Talon Robot gearbox product line for Foster-Miller. Elimination of soldiers in the field, saving lives.

 1999-Eliminated the need for a costly 1.1 million dollar plant expansion for the BMW X5 launch by implementing Value Stream Mapping and Live Broadcast One Piece Flow, reducing floor space by 30%.

1998-Reduced Tool Change time for Plastic Injection molding to 11 min, down from 120 min. Best in class for the interior group of 44 plants around the world.

1997-Awarded the JD Powers Quality award for best in class in the Premium Sports Category of the BMW Z3 vehicle.

1996-Start up the Automotive Interior Group for the BMW manufacturing of the Z3 and X5 vehicles in Greenville, SC.

 1993-Launched the Ford Motor Company 1/8 turn fuel system design. The onboard fuel vapor recovery system for the Ford Taurus was developed in 3 years and was first in its class to be released to market.

 1988-Developed the Boeing torque tube bearing design for the MD-80 aircraft wing flaps. Fastest development to production.

 1984-Designed General Motors clutch plate to eliminate overdrive slippage. Later used in all models.


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