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GMA Picture Pop In

Time for another GMA #PicturePopIn. This morn I’m popping in a picture of a couple who “popped the question” in front of our audience last December! See the South Carolina natives’ special message.

Posted by Robin Roberts on Monday, August 10, 2020
Good Morning America with Robin Roberts

Our CEO Christopher Guerrera had a great time sitting on the focus group helping inventors develop their product on the…

Posted by PACE on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Christopher Guerrera CEO of PACE is an accomplished executive and inventor with decades of experience in manufacturing and bringing products to market. To learn more about the services Christopher Guerrera provides head over to

Our FULL Good Morning America video to our favorite anchor and friend Robin Roberts, thanks for making us part of your day #gma #abc #wedding #pandemic

Posted by Christopher Guerrera on Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Good Morning America Full Clip with Robin Roberts

Now more than ever is the time to manufacture your products in the USA! #paceimpact #tidyupyourlife

Posted by PACE on Saturday, May 2, 2020
Made in the USA

If you have a good idea, Chris wants to make it better and launch it to market faster. How’s that for a benefit statement?

Chris helps turn ideas that are concepts into final products, doing everything from 3D modeling and injection molding to the design and execution of marketing campaigns.

And, he does all of his manufacturing with partners in the United States.

A product launch takes a strong focus and a great TEAM to make it a reality. Product launch involves various steps which involves understanding customer needs, product design, testing of the product, marketing & advertising to ensure the product reaches its vast audience. A successful product launch provides a sales momentum for the company that can lead to new innovative products. The PACE team is diversified with market leaders that include expertise in Lean 6 Sigma, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Quality Systems, Operations Excellence and Manufacturing sites to provide  you with design prototypes that can bring your idea’s to life.

The principles for a successful product launch include the following:
-Relating Product Capabilities to Market Needs
-Having a clear positioning and messaging tagline
-Setting clear goals for launch
-Having the power of leverage
-Having a realistic launch timeframe

The steps for a successful launch are as follows:
-Design attractive packaging
-Determine the target segment
-Having a unique slogan or timeline
-Know the potential competitors
-Consulting a public relations firm
-Creating a product sheet having the list of product features. This sheet would explain the product to the customers and make it capable for purchase.
-Launching a website of the company
-Placing ads in several media outlets in order to maximize the reach.
-Finally,  a press release addressing the media about the product features, company goals behind it and what is the addressed need.