PACE 90 Day Plan

Competitive Edge…

  1. Reduce Development Lead time to MFG
  2. Reduce Cost-Material and Labor
  3. Reduce Inventory Raw, WIP, FG
  4. Improve Space utilization- Sales $/Sq FT
  5. Reduce Shipping Lead time to Customers
  6. Increase Sales

Business Objectives and Goals!

  1. What are they?
  2. Key Managers meet every 2 weeks
  3. Establish Goals for each manager to report in the meeting
  4. Meeting is to update management team and evaluate performance
  5. How are they communicated to the TEAM?
  6. Monthly
  7. Where are they posted for viewing?
  8. Visual Location in MFG and OFFICE
  9. How often are they updated?
  10. Weekly but posted Monthly
  11. How are they tracked?
  12. Excel, centralized on the server
  13. Clearly Communicate to TEAM that Lean initiatives (PACE-Productivity And Capacity Excellence) will be a road map to retaining jobs and improving Market Share

Key Manufacturing Objectives

  1. Reduce Floor Space!
  2. Combine Similar Operations
  3. Reduce Finished Goods Inventory!
  4. Implement FIFO system
  5. Implement Kan-Ban System
  6. Introduce Live Broadcast System to Work Center
  7. Introduce Bar Coding
  8. Reduce Product Cost! Parts and Labor!
  9. Resource poor performing suppliers-Cost/Quality
  10. Combine operation where possible
  11. Review non-value added operations-remove or outsource
  12. Improve Product Quality!
  13. Track Customer Quality-Complaints
  14. Track Supplier Quality
  15. Track Internal Quality
  16. Increase Productivity!
  17. Cross Train Work Staff
  18. Evaluate employee efficiency
  19. Show reported labor against actual % efficiency
  20. Increase Work Flow through cell-Layout improvements
  21. Modify Cell Layouts-Inventory Staging @ work areas
  22. Improve the visual state of the plant-Implement World Class 6S!
  23. Visual-Remove ALL sign painting, replace with professional signage
  24. Outline location for ALL equipment and Tooling specific to work area
  25. Permanent place for cleaning supplies-6S Boards
  26. Remove ALL bottom shelves
  27. Remove cabinets with doors
  28. Identify bin sizes to be used in all locations for storing WIP
  29. Standardize ALL work areas

30 Day

  1. Introduce PACE to staff and all associates
  2. Align plant goal/objectives to customer needs
  3. Establish Management presence on the MFG floor
  4. Work Assignments to cells need to be systemic not manual driven
  5. Allot time to meet all personnel and evaluate plant culture
  6. Interview Key management personnel
  7. Interview Key plant personnel
  8. Review Strengths of the company
  9. Develop plan to increase
  10. Review Weakness’ of the company
  11. Develop action plan to improve
  12. Establish monthly Communication with plant and staff personnel
  13. Layout ground rules and expectations for all personnel
  14. Establish Key indicators by department with responsible Manager
  15. Establish Manger accountability to personal measurements
  16. Establish meeting rules-times, days and attendance acceptance
  17. ALL meetings start ONTIME
  18. TIMES and DAYS they are held on
  19. Specific meeting ATTENDANCE guidelines
  20. Review Operations financial data
  21. MFG and Overall
  22. Determine action needed to improve operating margin
  23. Review budget against results
  24. Develop action plan in area’s not meeting expectations
  25. Evaluate working conditions in plant, safety and organization
  26. Take current state Photos of plant along with After photos
  27. Determine plant lighting needs and improvement
  28. Determine needs of floors, paint?, epoxy? Grind surface?
  29. Determine locations of plant to paint

60 Day

  1. Establish Business Operating System and link it to business goal and objectives
  2. Review all work instructions currently in place on Mfg Floor for clarity
  3. Determine accuracy and employee knowledge of them
  4. Complete value streams on work centers
  5. Develop a Quality plan tied to customer needs and company goal
  6. Establish meeting grounds and timeframe for corrective actions
  7. Establish tracking vehicle for all quality issues, start to closure-8D
  8. Including ALL suppliers-COST of Quality
  9. Count Verification of Material from suppliers
  10. Develop and Introduce Live Broadcast System to work centers
  11. Introduce Bar Coding
  12. Operator to have Work Assignments at his Work Center
  13. Establish defined locations for ALL Work Instructions and Quality Alerts
  14. Establish Kaizen board for communicating changes
  15. Board will show current state and modified state with documentation and photo’s
  16. Review overall appearance of plant by location and assign action plan to improve
  17. Develop a Lean program for plant with Key measurables
  18. PACE-Productivity And Capacity Excellence
  19. Develop a Kaizen event schedule
  20. Implement a World Class 6S Program and Train ALL personnel
  21. 6th S is SAFETY-Establish a safety committee
  22. Develop a training Matrix for Lean MFG
  23. Develop a cross training Matrix for plant assembly personnel
  24. Establish and standardize a visible location for Plant Communication
  25. Transition culture of company, ALL TEAM members, toward lean initiatives and Lean thinking

90 Day

  1. Identify staff changes, subtractions or additions
  2. Review slow moving or dead inventory
  3. Establish Material Review Board-Red Tag Area
  4. Develop Purchase Price Index related to yearly cost reductions
  5. Track Purchase Commodity’s
  6. Set Annual Goal to Reduce
  7. Establish Critical Suppliers to Target
  8. Develop a plant wide cost reduction program
  9. Improve first impression of plant when walking on the manufacturing floor
  10. Development and execution of 6S program
  11. Develop a plant incentive program-REWARD KEY EMPLOYEES
  12. Establish 6S scorecards with incentive-Gas Cards, Gift Cert, Dinner Cert
  13. Develop Performance Evaluation
  14. Merit increases tied to personal performance
  15. Develop Attendance Structure
  16. Announce
  17. Train
  18. Implement
  19. Execute
  20. Review Quarterly results with Staff identifying action plans for targets not met
  21. Standardize all work centers both in appearance and process
  22. Turn MFG into a visual Plant with signage by location
  23. Establish company goals and objective handouts to ALL managers for strategic direction

Get on PACE…..Productivity And Capacity Excellence!

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