Good Managers

Good managers are magnets of talent. Bad managers are repellents of it.

Oleg Vishnepolsky

11 Signs Your Job Doesn’t Deserve You:

1) Your boss is micro-managing you and your decisions

2) They do not give you credit for your work

3) Your boss does not give you enough feedback and guidance

4) Your boss has little interest in what you are doing, or worse avoids you

5) You are underpaid

6) You are not learning anything new

7) Your boss is not aware of what you are capable of

8) Your health is suffering because of stress

9) You can not remember when was the last time your boss thanked you

10) You dedication, hard work, loyalty are not appreciated

11) The real deal-breaker is when your boss lacks integrity: Integrity is by far the most important asset of a leader.

Go where you are celebrated, not just tolerated.

Go where you can make a difference.

Go where your loyalty and hard work will be appreciated.

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