National Hardware Show 2017


Filterpal Makes its Debut!
The dust STOPS here!!!
Made in USA!

“Get yourself a Filterpal, your place will be much cleaner”. “Get yourself a Filterpal, leave the  world a little greener”. Best of all, when you get a Filterpal, you will save $$ and breathe clean air.
See the Amazing FILTERPAL in LAS VEGAS May 9-11, booth #IS342 and booth#IS136

Inventors Spotlight

Filterpal orange
US Patent US20140311107A1

Filterpal is a proven product that has been on the market for 2 years.  It is a prefilter that is applied to Wet/Dry vacuums.  This filter has received raved reviews from many consumers. The product consists of a flexible pouch that is placed over the OEM paper cartridge filter. It is a simple operation, just like putting on a sock.  One size fits most all of the filters manufactured. Filterpal works by filtering out more than 99% of the debris and capturing it so it does not reach the cartridge filter, clogging it and omitting dirty unsafe air.

 The benefits of the Filterpal are,

Your cartridge filter can last for hundreds of cleaning cycles thereby eliminating the need to buy new filters.  Our users are reporting that they can repeatedly wash and dry filterpal and reinstall it over the old cartridge filter. When you consider the average cost of a cartridge filter of $30 it is easy to see that the user can save several thousand dollars over the life of their wet/dry vacuum. Filterpal is not a disposable filter.  It is reusable and after much research we find it is the only Wet/Dry vacuum filter that can be reused and restored to its original efficiency.

THIS FEATURE PREVENTS IT FROM BEING DEPOSITED INTO OUR LANDFILLS.  It is estimated that in a given year we deposit 500 million paper cartridge filters to our landfills. This volume is equal to 2 ½ Yankee Stadiums or 35 WalMarts.

In using Filterpal for several years we have found that Filterpal is a more efficient filter than the paper cartridge filter.  It simply allows less debris to be recycled into the room allowing for safe, cleaner healthier air quality.