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“Get yourself a Filterpal, your place will be much cleaner”. “Get yourself a Filterpal, leave the  world a little greener”. Best of all, when you get a Filterpal, you will save $$ and breathe clean air.

Inventors Spotlight

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Filterpal is a proven product that has been on the market for 2 years.  It is a prefilter that is applied to Wet/Dry vacuums.  This filter has received raved reviews from many consumers. The product consists of a flexible pouch that is placed over the OEM paper cartridge filter. It is a simple operation, just like putting on a sock.  One size fits most all of the filters manufactured. Filterpal works by filtering out more than 99% of the debris and capturing it so it does not reach the cartridge filter, clogging it and omitting dirty unsafe air.

 The benefits of the Filterpal are,

Your cartridge filter can last for hundreds of cleaning cycles thereby eliminating the need to buy new filters.  Our users are reporting that they can repeatedly wash and dry filterpal and reinstall it over the old cartridge filter. When you consider the average cost of a cartridge filter of $30 it is easy to see that the user can save several thousand dollars over the life of their wet/dry vacuum. Filterpal is not a disposable filter.  It is reusable and after much research we find it is the only Wet/Dry vacuum filter that can be reused and restored to its original efficiency.

THIS FEATURE PREVENTS IT FROM BEING DEPOSITED INTO OUR LANDFILLS.  It is estimated that in a given year we deposit 500 million paper cartridge filters to our landfills. This volume is equal to 2 ½ Yankee Stadiums or 35 WalMarts.

In using Filterpal for several years we have found that Filterpal is a more efficient filter than the paper cartridge filter.  It simply allows less debris to be recycled into the room allowing for safe, cleaner healthier air quality.

So let me tell you about my best friend, the Filter Pal, he will soon be yours too!

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See our Customer review’s below 

The Filterpal HD filter is a high qualtiy and very effective shop vac filter wrap

Verified Purchase-Review for Filterpal HD – This filter wrap is great. I had been concerned about it fitting over the huge filter on my old Craftsman 16 gal. 2 HP wet/dry vac. The filter is the Craftsman 9-17804 listed for most 16 & 32 gal. vacs made before 1988, and measures 9″ wide by 10″ long. The Filterpal HD fit over it with ease and length to spare and could probably fit over a 10″ dia. filter. The fabric body is roomier yet, the first limitation anyone would hit would be the stretch of the elastic top which is excellent. I don’t know what the fabric is but it is like a thick fuzzy fleece material that is very well made, strong and very effective. We’ve been giving it a workout during remodeling cleaning up cement and saw dust and the ever dreaded joint compound dust. Somehow it captures everything while still letting the air flow freely. For expediency I haven’t been removing it except for the first time to see what was getting thru, which was nothing, and instead cleaning it by knocking it off, brushing, then using a battery powered dust buster on it. If you’re tired of running a restrictive dirty pleaded paper filter and buying replacements, the answer is a Filterpal filter wrap. It looks like it’d be easily machine washable if ever needed. I combined it with a Ridgid VT2525 Wet Dry Vac Muffler and Adapter available here on Amazon and between the Filterpal not exhausting dust and the Ridgid muffler/exhaust filter the days of the shop vac blowing dust everywhere are over, probably for the life of the shop vac. I have no connection to Daka Manufacturing, nor been there, though they are here in NJ. When I called for info and left a voice message I received a return call from the owner in a couple hours and he was very helpful. Their phone number is 908-782-0360. This is a labor and money saving product I’d recommend for home or commercial use!

————————————————————————————————————- Wow – I’ve wasted so much money before finding this-Verified Purchase

The Filterpal HD is probably the single best thing I’ve purchased this year. I have saved hundreds of dollars on shop vac filters (such as Craftsman 9-17912 Wet Dry Vacuum Filter with High Efficiency Particle Air Filter Rated Material) by using this with them.

———————————————————————————————————— Its not nice having to beat the crap out of the filters …Erin Kelley-Verified

Im a professional contractor and I use these on all my vacs. Its not nice having to beat the crap out of the filters to get them clean. Filters last a lot longer and the vacs actually get full before they clog (imagine that). Works with the big and small ridgid filters. Im looking forward to setting up and using this on the filter for fine dust removal.

 ———————————————————————————————————— Works!-Verified Purchase

really helps keep filter cleaner, not spotless, but definitely cleaner. A whole lot easier to shake out or wash than the paper filter. I put it on the whole filter and then put the filter in place with some of the bag between. It is a little tricky to screw “nut” on but it seems to give a better seal. Just put nut in bag and screw in from the outside.

 ———————————————————————————————————— Filterpal HD for ShopVac & Vac-Verified Purchase

I have had the other Filterpal (standard?) as another reviewer stated and they worked really well and made cleanup of the vac easy and nearly nothing was on the paper filter. The best part is finding not fine dust in side the motor of the vac! I was and still have more house projects that involves drywall dust, more projects to come and look forward to using this one in place of the standard Filterpal, The standard worked so well that I expect this one to the same if not more.