Employee Input

Employee Input Leads to Improved Effectiveness and Profitability

In a recent survey conducted by Fierce, Inc., only 1/3 of the 800 respondents felt that their company was willing to change practices based on employee input and feedback. Other study highlights included:

  • 44% of employees felt that workplace practices are ineffective and often hinder employee productivity or morale.
  • 47% reported that current practices impede desired results.
  • 50% said the lack of company wide transparency and the lack of employee involvement are the primary areas of concern.
  • 70% said they are willing to speak up, they doubted it would make a difference.

It makes a huge difference! Employees are a key resource to help management understand what is working well and what is not. Employees are also the direct connection to your customer. Conducting an anonymous employee survey or assessment is a great way to understand what is really going on in your organization. A properly done organizational assessment will provide information on how well critical elements are working together to achieve business and strategic goals. It will also identify which critical elements are working against your organization. Measuring the interrelationships of essential elements inside your organization provide predictors for future strength.

Senior management must determine if there is a need for data in order to better understand their organization. They must also be committed to use the data to better allocate their resources to improve results. After this determination is made an approach can be developed to gather the data from the organization. Two methods we have used with clients that have worked extremely well when gathering organizational data are personal interviews and an anonymous questionnaire/survey.

Personal interviews are conducted to gain an understanding of the intensity of feelings within the organization and the survey is used to gather the depth of understanding, the view of the employees, and to determine directional trends.

Knowing this information is important in today’s business environment. Based on constant and radical change, uncertainly, new rules and regulations, and increased customer demand, how to manage it and how to thrive under these conditions depends a great deal upon how well your organization is aligned. Your employees are your best source of the most current and most accurate information. Make the bold move to ask your employees. They have the knowledge so give them a voice.